Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stock Market Forecast Update 10-24-2013

Commence with my gratitude to The Creator
With the mundane guidance, I was able to point in the right direction, once again. Market has been budding the proprietary lines placed on the chart (pink and blue). I had stated that 1,760 shall be resistance area, as it lies exactly on the the blue geometric line. So it happened. Next day market jumped higher and touched the 1,760 mark exactly and then pulled back.
Market shall have to clear the 1,760 level, in order for it to blast to the 1,800-1,812 level.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Looking for this market to drop into 1st week of NOV

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Make that the 2nd week in Nov!

Satesh Patel said...


You are awesome and one of greatest forecasters of the world. To top that, you are a humble man.

thank you sir, please continue to share your blessings.

viks said...

Market set to tumble in a sharp selloff to DOW 14000-14200 before embarking upwards to make yet another historic high.

Chris said...

Market is having consolidation again today. Do you think, it is the last one or do we more days like that?

You truly are master and Guru of the financial market. As if markets follow your command like a pet (of course, like a pet, it, sometimes, does out of the ordinary and does not follow your forecast, but that is expected and it happens 5% of your forecasts)


Hal Werner said...

Teacher, knows best.

naveen khare said...

we are thankful to share your blessings in stock market please continue to share your blessings also in as Positional Stock Tips.