Friday, October 25, 2013

Stock Market Forecast Update

Commence with my gratitude to The Creator

How Can You Predict the Markets Move with Such an Accuracy?

Do You Remember I mentioned the number 1,760 in my forecast  dated 10/21/2013? Forecasted on this day three things; i) Consolidation (sideways move) ii) Minor pull back and iii) 1,760 price level. Market jumped the next day 10/22, exactly to 1,760 price and then pulled back, at the end of the day went back up (sideways). On 10/23, market gapped down and pulled back almost 20 points from 1,760 high to 1,740, and then whole day spent in sideways move. 10/24 Market trended grudgingly higher. 10/25, market continue to move higher and then sideways all day, only to close exactly on 1,760 level.

How Can You Predict the Markets' Move with Such an Accuracy?  Can YOU?.....YES, You can! My Posts on This Blog have an Accuracy of 95+%.

This is merely a glimpse, the ability, you shall have. You shall get the pulse of the markets (borrowing the words of a comment-er on the blog), as well.

Within last several months, I have been compiling and gathering, formatting my several years and thousands of hours of market research and how I have been blessed with small portion of The Creator's Knowledge, as it pertains to the financial markets. Would you Like to Be Part of My Elite Master Trader Course?

I shall be teaching an one-on-one course for complete two weeks. You can imagine the loads and loads of information, you shall receive and learn. You shall have my support all the way, until you become good at it. 

I shall only select a few. Even if you are able to afford the "fees" of my Advanced Master Trader Course, you shall be screened for  your eligibility to see if you are good match for this highly valuable course.

The ADVANCE MASTER TRADER Course cost is equivalent to few good trades ... gone bad.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your continued guidance. I am very interested in your course and would like more information as to it's particulars. How do I contact you directly?

Thanks and God bless.

James Conner said...



I am interested in the course. I have lost several hundred thousands in trading and tens of thousands in useless courses. I am sure, your guided course shall be worthwhile. How much it is? and when and other details, pls?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mehmood,

Just wondering if you've ever considered doing a one-on-one course for an entire day in your home town?