Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stock Markets Alert - Forecast of New Bull Rally

I commence with my gratitude to The Creator


I know I have been away for sometime. However, I have been busy developing, gathering material from my research, and organizing into an advanced financial markets forecasting course. It is in its final fine-tuning stage and I shall have my first advance course open to the eligible candidates in December. More details on this subject later.

Stock Market Forecast 10102013
My previous crash forecast resulted in Stock Markets being in side-way movement since May 22nd. Time cycle of May 22nd, kept the markets in-check. Time cycle has to affect the price cycle, either in strong up or down move or keep the market in check for long time.. October 10-11 time cycle completes the time cycle of May 22's effect.

Very strong time cycle is approaching of October 10-11. This shall trigger one of the strongest rallies, you have seen in recent history. SPX stopped on 10/09/2013 on very important price level of 1,656, which is very close to my watched level of 1,660-1,662. Once the price levels of 1,662 and 1,690 are recovered, then get on the side and or get in, with long trades.

Get your pencils sharpened, re-organize your stocks list and look for one of the best opportunity to invest in the stock markets.


Chas said...

No more 580? Or will that still come into play?

Mehmood H Syed said...

I will explain in my follow up post tomorrow, what is reasoning behind my new stance and my backing off from the 580 target(for right now).

I shall also give the current bull rally target, which is several hundred points away.

Suresh said...

Thanks Mr Syed

Since you have been absent, I would check your blog once a week hoping to see an update.

1 Hr before the market open, I was lucky to stop by your blog and saw your post. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

5 times thanks for $5,000 I made yesterday by going long SPY and QQQ

God Bless you and your heart


Yes Suresh, you are correct.

I happened to check the blog after the market open. Before chekcing the blog, I was thinking the bounce as dead cat bounce.

Thanks to Master Trader Syed's post, I jumped in with both feet. You might called it foolish, hahaha.

But I am being rewarded. I am long 4 trades. and being rewarded $$ BIG.


Carroll said...

I commend him for being bold enough to be bullish again.

oNCE mORE hE pROVES himself as master of trading by not sticking to guns on one direction, but changing the aim to different direction, when it is time to do so. The mastery lies in doing it at the right moment.


Anonymous said...

AND GOLD...............

IT WAS TO RALLY??????????

Larry said...

Thnx Mr syed

Could you expand on your forecast for rally and price targets?

Thanks again for your help.

Your work is astounding.

I would love to join your course, If the price tag is within my budget

Anonymous said...

On October 10th you said :
Blogger Mehmood H Syed said...

I will explain in my follow up post tomorrow, what is reasoning behind my new stance and my backing off from the 580 target(for right now).

I shall also give the current bull rally target, which is several hundred points away.

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7:58:00 PM PDT"

I hope you don't disappear for 3 months again. Although I am grateful for your posts, without targets, dates or applicable details, they are almost useless. /i hope you can find time to provide tradeable information.


Jordan said...

I feel sorry for these dumb person and I am astounded by the stupidity of people leaving comments, as if Master Syed is being paid by them as their consultant and he is obliged to report back to them.

Come on, give the gentleman a break.
He wrote, "Very strong time cycle is approaching of October 10-11. This shall trigger one of the strongest rallies" that was right there.. Dumb man's trade.
If you don't have your own price target or don't know when the heck to get out of your trade. Then don't bloody trade.

If the goals of your comment is to bash this great humble and giant master forecaster, who doesn't ask anything in return, then get the hell out and go somewhere else.

Have you ever wonder, why Mr. Syed doesn't post that often. I wouldn't especially, for all these UNGRATEFUL AND FREE LOADERs hanging here to pick a free trade alert.

He has been posting for over 4 years, asking nothing in return.

Yes, he offers his course to learn, if you want to get this blessed man's secrete knowledge, and then be ready to pay up.

I am sick and tired of same people, who are at all of these different trading forums bashing someone who does a good thing. Get out of here, if you are so cheap and meat headed that you cannot understand a plain simple forecast. If you expect someone to hold your hands, it is not possible. Your mother couldn't teach your good manners, how can Master Syed can teach you how to trade... haha..

I am really pissed off about these BS'ers, looking for free meal and then not be thankful.

Market has jumped higher since his forecast. He warned RIGHT ON TIME ... being correct Once again like other hundreds of time in the past.

I got in some trade and made some bucks, just because of Syed. I am little extra conservative trader, but I always listen to what Mr. Syed has to say. Why? He is sincere, selfless, and honest.

He has the balls to say that he was bear and now he is bull. That is his greatness.

For the last time, Get the hell out of this great blog, if you don't have the humanity to appreciate a GOOD THING.

I have watching this man sharing his blessing since 2006, on many forums and then on his blog. He is right over 95% time and that is RARE..

Anonymous said...

Please re-read the previous person's note. They only wrote 3 sentences as opposed to your nonsensical book length diatribe.
Nowhere did they disrespect Mehmood. the way I read it, that person was only asking for more updates (showing respect) and addressed Mehmood's own statement that he would provide more information.

As a community, I think we need to remember that most people here do not speak english as their first language and so we need to forgive the way people express themselves unless they are clearly out of line.

again, I did not see any reason for you to fly off the handle with your stupidity with that person. It appears to me that people like you are trying start some hate mongering on this site.

This site is fast becoming a magnet for unprofessional behavior and I for one propose Mehmood start a paid monthly service with weekly updates.

i repeat, I do not disagree with what the previous person said but I do wish they would have perhaps worded it differently (an obvious problem of language). As for you, Jordan, and people like you, perhaps you should calm down a little and actually understand what people are saying before you go on an unjustified emotional rampage.

Costa Mesa, California

Shweta Patidar said...

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