Monday, October 21, 2013

Stock Markets Forecast Update

With my humblest gratitude to The Creator.

I had alerted you on October 11 posted around midnight, that "Get Ready For Big Rally" and ...... rally we had. Market jumped from 1,656 to today's high of 1,747. That is over 90 points or 5.4% and for NASDAQ, market has jumped for the it's last close on 10/09 was 3,677 and today's high of 3,931, i.e., over 250 points of NASAQ or almost 7% in eight trading days. That is called fast run. As matter of fact, markets experienced one of the biggest one day gain in the recent history, exactly on my market time cycle day of 10/10. 

Stock Market forecast 10-21-2013
What is next? People are rightfully asking me. Believe me, I don't get upset, rather I am happy that you are looking up to me, just ordinary market forecaster, for help. 

Market is going to be sideways and slogging along for next few days (it may retrace a bit, during this slog movement). And market shall tread along my geometric lane as shown on the attached chart herein and until 1,760 range. 

Then it shall jump higher to my first price target of 1,801-1,818 area. My final target is still over hundred points away from that 1,800 target.

In my next follow up post, I shall give more detailed price and time targets. Until then, successful trading.


Kishan said...

Thanks 4 the update

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly Syed. I hope you realize how immensely you help people like me. Please post more often, as without your guidance I am wallstreet roadkill :)

By the way, what do you charge for your course?

Julie said...

I really appreciate your selfless efforts to help the trading community. Of course, we cannot pay you enough but with our gratitude and wishing many happy returns of your life happy events.

I have made money most of the time with your forecasts. I just did on 10/10. I was long for 7 days and made $6,000 on the investment of $1,200. Thank you thank you thank you.

Hal Werner said...

All who listen will learn for "The Teacher". Blessings to you and your family "Teacher".
Most Respectfully,
Harold W.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Mr. Syed.. All the best.

Anonymous said...


How much did you "tide" to Syde?

Cassandra Jewels said...


Mr. Syed we got the retracement today, you forecasted earlier.

You are the greatest market forecaster, I have ever seen. You have the pulse of the markets

Casimir said...

You have hit the nail on the head again, Mr. Syed

You were right on 10/10 about the strong rally, and you predicted a sideways move and pullback

We got them both. We are approaching resistance line of 1,760, as if it is pulling the market to this level.

What next, get long until SPX gets to 1,800?
Like alwasy
Well done, Sir,
hats off to you,