Monday, November 4, 2013

Stock Markets Forecast Update

S&P Forecast
Commence with my gratitude to The Creator

As Predicted: The 1,760-1,762 range has been very strong. The price cycle of S&P Stock Markets are attracted and pulled by the S&P price cycle of 1,760-1,762 range. S&P has been stuck there for over 10 days. I must pull away from it and be free from this zone with strong and wide bar.

Next target's zone for S&P is 1,802-1,806.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Dow will drop into the 15th window of Nov!

Anonymous said...


No one can question your skills and wisdom in this market. Congratulations on your enlightenment :)

Krish said...

Great forecasting
For sure, 1,760 range, as you described it, is really acting like a magnet.
Today, also SPX was pulled down to below it and then it is hovering at 1,761-1,762,1,763 . LOL

IT is interesting to see how your numbers work just like your time cycles forecasts

Hobs Mojalefa said...

TRA modeling called for the beginning of the next up move in the S&P 500 from the 5th. Next short term high is into the 12th of November.

Samantha said...

Anonymous #1
Why don't you write your name, when you are typing your predictions on Syed's blog?

Are u chicken?

Anonymous said...

Wide bar indeed, just the wrong way

Anonymous said...



Mehmood H Syed said...

Whoever you are Anonymous,

I will not tolerate indecency on my blog. Your other comments have been deleted and it got through somehow.
Your IP address has been put on SPAM filter and it would automatically deleted.

I tolerate criticism to me, but cannot allow indecent remarks to other readers, especially ladies.

Your other remarks were very uncivilized.