Thursday, November 7, 2013

TWITTER, Inc Forecast

Is Twitter Stock is Doomed Like FB Stock for The First Year?

With my gratitude to The Creator.

Watch out the price level of $44. Once that level is broken to the downside, then look for big shorting opportunity.

Once the import level of $44.00 is broken to the downside, decidedly, then look for much lower prices. First  target zone is $41.20, then $40.00-$40.40 and then $36.56-$36.94. Once it reaches the $36 level, it shall test its original IPO price of $26.00.

Is there any possibility of TWTR having a rally instead of price drop? The close of the day is an important factor, to determine that. I shall update accordingly. However, my inclination is bearish for the TWTR stock right now, but, I shall re-evaluate my analysis, if TWTR closes above $51.00 today.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Thanks for your thoughts and time on all markets..........your kindness does not go un noticed!

Capitalist Anarchist Reductionist said...

Twitter stock is not 'short-able' for the vast majority until November 13th, no?

Christina said...

Great Forecaster of this time

TWTR, is dropping

Kalpesh said...

Market manipulators, won't let their money manipulated by other market participant, that is why it is not available to short.

But Mr. Syed forecast helped lot of people from getting in long position in TWTR

Thanks Sir.
God Bless You

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Price is now in the cycle top window going into 12/2 window low!

Hobs Mojalefa said...

TRA modeling is calling for a low on the 19th on the S&P 500 index. There could be significant intraday volatility given an Astro indicator. Buy into time period 18th or 19th