Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome NASDAQ 5,000

With my gratitude to The Creator


As I stated to you earlier, that I am bullish on the stock markets and is expecting a very strong and the last rally of the recent uptrend. I was waiting for strong bar to clear the resistance level at SPX price level of 1,760's range.

See how 1,760-1,761 was the balance point (part of my Advanced Master Trader Course). See brown line distance from balance point is same on either side. This balance point was the price level I was watching and it has be cleared by a strong bar. Today that has happened and

NOW GET READY FOR A VERY STRONG RALLY, AS FORECASTED EARLIER. (stop level of 1,760 must not violated to keep this uptrend)


Hal Werner said...

Well done, Teacher. Now, to make some $$$$$$.

Hal Werner said...

Well done Teacher.

Anonymous said...

What happened to.......


"Now coming back to the questions. I was looking at the weekly chart, when I saw and wrote about the drop of the stock markets. Therefore number 34 (or 36) and 45 meant weekly bars, i.e., the drop shall, at least, last for that many weeks. I see another number of 56.60 weeks. Thus, whenever the stock market starts to  decline, I shall start counting the weeks and look for the price target of $580"

mika zman said...

We're about 70 points away from a key fib extension ratio on the $SPX. After that it will be VERY revealing as to which way we go.

mika zman said...

We're about 70 points away from a key fib extension ratio on the $SPX. After that it will be VERY revealing as to which way we go.

Michael Simmons said...

Since Mr. Syed shall not answer your stupid question, I will and I will own my reply, unlike you are hiding with no name.

You dumb, sh*thead, anonymous

First off, you are so dumb that you were not given any name. That is why you are hiding.

Secondly. you are so stupid that you did not read the previous posts, where Master Syed said that time elapsed between his forecast of April and May, did fulfill the the forecast not in price but in time,
And since no big correction occurred, Mr. Syed always stated in his posts, if you were not lazy enough to read them, that

"if expected results do not manifest after the time cycle, then reverse shall be expected with the similar thrust or force."

I hope I did answer your question.

Anonymous said...

Syed, how can you condone comments like Michael, this is unacceptable in my opinion
I am anonymous, another anonymous, simply because I dont have a google account or dont want to leave my name. Its personal to me.
Does that make me stupid and you shouldnt allow disgusting comments like this

Mehmood H Syed said...

I don't condone any indecency.

Sometimes, some comments get slipped, when they are being filtered with lot of SPAM, that are being received by my blogsite.

Every one has to be decent here, please.

I can write my name at the end, See here


Nancy said...

Thats very BOLD forecast. Syed

Are you sure?

I hope you are right..!

Anyway, I love your blog and always recommend to other trading junkies.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Syed,

Great forecast.

Are you forecasting a similar move for gold? Turns out that at times gold will follow the same pattern as S&P and at times, it doesn't.



Mehmood H Syed said...

Gold doesn't follow the pattern of S&P. It has its own characteristic in time and price cycle.

moneyworldindore said...

I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I'll love to read your next post too. Regards

Sally said...


If there were gods of the stock market forecasting, then you would be one of them.

SPX is approaching 1,800 level. Excellent call and great forecast.

James Scott said...

You forecasted a new bull rally when S&P was at 1656. or 140 points lower than today's level.

hands down excellent call

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Price is now at price and time.........a correction will now start!

Capitalist Anarchist Reductionist said...

Is this 'rotrot' (anonymous) from wave59? or 'kkkw' from wave 59?


Anonymous said...

S&P has reached 1800, Is the rally over? Bear market is coming next?

Mr. Syed, please comment in your next post.

Bernard said...

Mr Syed

How much is your Advanced course?

I have wasted thousands in useless courses. You predicted that market shall rally when S&P was at 1650 level. Now it has hit your given target. That is 150 points. I could have made $150,000,.. were I not stupid and if I had listened to your forecast.

I was just introduced to your blog some months ago by word of mouth. I was skeptical. I starting going in the archives and read your predictions at your blog since 2010.

WOW. Mind boggling accuracy.

I am kicking my butt now, for not listening to your prediction.

The other fans are correct.

You are hands-down Real Master Forecaster. I have read Gann. You are even better than him.

God Bless you man...!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

This will be a slow grind down into the end of the month which will be buy into new highs!

beetlejuice said...

@ Michael Simmons, you are a rude person.
I for one would be interested to know if that 580 target was still a possibility as well, or has that target now been completely erased due to a cycle inversion?

Does that make me stupid too?

Mr Sayed stated stated previously:

" October 6, 2014, S&P target $580.00 (+/-) or let me rephrase it.
The drop will be the sharpest and fastest decline, stock market history has ever seen. It shall last between 34 to 45 (trading) bars or multiple thereof these numbers. and price target remains the same (+/- few points)"

Mehmood H Syed said...

beetle juice

I will post an update for the impending crash, which has been postponed due the cycle inversion. The same cycle did create a several months consolidation, which included couple of declines with rallies, thus creating a sideways move.

Please stay tuned for the future posts to include update on the impending crash.

I appreciate all of your fans questions and support.

I would also ask to remain civil here, when you post something here.

Mehmood H Syed said...

Bernard, and all other kind readers

Thanks for the kind comments.

My next post shall have the full details about the course costs and information.

Anonymous said...

Can you please make a post about Bitcoin. It doesnt have to be a prediction but it can explain what bitcoin is and why is it like this please because it is really confusing me

Anonymous said...

Mr Syed

Could you talk a little about Gold & Silver, is the bull market over?

Your comments would be appreciated.

Kathy said...

Market has found resistance at your first price target of SPX 1,802.

It went there exactly and got rejected. Is it a correction?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Can you please make a post about Bitcoin."

Why waste Syde's time? Do a search and you can get all the info you want! Your not a child do some work of your own!

Sir Stemm said...

Nice work. My work is calling for a potential high here

Anonymous said...

Hello Master Trader Syed:

Would you kindly update your forecast? The S&P has reached your target of 1802; is it time to get out of the S&P and wait for the short signal?

Thank you very much.


Mehmood H Syed said...


We still have ways to go, before, shorting opportunity arrives.

Thanks for patronage

Anonymous said...

Syed your forecasting skills are second to one ;) Congratulations on your enlightenment

Anonymous said...

Looks like is about time to short

HIN FAT CHAN said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

I talked of this correction! This is the bottom! Highs are coming now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Like I said!!!!!!

"I talked of this correction! This is the bottom! Highs are coming now!!!!"