Friday, December 20, 2013

Stock Markets Forecast Follow Up 12-20-13

Commence with my gratitude to The Creator.

I have alerted you on October 10, 2013 for an impending strong bull run/rally, when market was trading at 1,656.40. Market ramped up the gains since then. I had followed up with another post published on 10-21-2013, that once 1,760 level is cleared then look for 1,802-1,812 price targets. My first target of S&P price of 1,802-1,812, was achieved on 11-18-2013. The price range of 1,802-1,812 proved to be strong price cycle and kept the stock markets at bay for about a month. During this consolidation, Markets came back to test my balance point, which I specifically stipulated  and it was at 1,760-1761 range. S&P came to the range and made a low at 1,767 and rallied a strong run up on 12-18. That balance point was so strong that it pushed the markets high decisively. On said date, Dow Jones Industrial rallied about 300 points and S&P daily range was 43 points or 2.4%.

This is what balance point does... This is again God's Blessing that He has blessed me with the insight. Balance points is a discovery, which was bestowed upon me, during my quest for learning the sacred and secret inner workings of the financial markets . 

My proprietary system is confirming an uptrend, which is not finished yet. Please see chart attached. S&P has cleared the channel and now the stock market is heading for upper band of the channel, which sits at 1,940 range.

Once the last bull run is finished, REMEMBER, I am calling it the last impulse wave of this bull run is over, Stock Markets shall have very SEVER AND QUICK
CRASH OF AT LEAST 30%-38%. That shall be addressed in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

12/24 area will be a short term high for a small correction setting up the next run up!

Anonymous said...

Hello Master Trader Syed:

Thanks tons again for the fantastic insight. In terms of timing, when do you see the target of 1940 being hit on the S&P? Is it likely to be hit by end of January 2014 since it is an impulsive move up?

Thanks again,


beetlejuice said...

Mr Syed, very insightful. Your accuracy has indeed been very impressive.
I am wondering on your thoughts of a potential double top scenario for the Nasdaq in the 5100 area?
If you might address that in your next update that would be very interesting as I see it as a very real prospect.


beetlejuice said...

Mr Sayed, just to add to my previous. The volume on the Nasdaq today on the break higher was staggering. The hiighest for many years actually.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Syed for your timely update. Looks like buying SPY March calls is the way to go until this market heads south.

I speak on behalf of everyone but we are very grateful for your teachings. Hopefully with a well placed put option once the decline begins we can pay you to become members of the master course.

Again thank you for sharing your unique and exceptional insight

Capitalist Anarchist Reductionist said...

I don't placate; yet--solid WORK from a Chicago resident!

Seasons greetings ya'll!


Sir Haze Nihil

Anonymous said...

Hello Master Trader Syed:

Thank you for your update, if Dow's bull run is coming to an end, is it a good idea to short Dow and long Gold.
Would you please talk about Gold and Silver in your next post.