Friday, January 24, 2014

Stock Markets Forecast Update 01-24-2014

Commence with my gratitude to The Creator

Stock Markets Forecast Update 01-24-2014

Are the stock markets done with recent bull trend? Is the market crashing now? These are questions, I am receiving.

So It behooves me to publish an update on my recent posts.

See the charts' pictures of the recent today's drop. Market is just testing the very important price levels.

For example: S&P, Price is at very important pivot point, which I called pressure point and price squeeze zone is right there. see attached.
QQQ came right down to test the important vacuum zone of price points. Dow Jones, though under more pressure than other indices, has been finding the support today, also at the important price junctures.

All the price happening stumbling is today, when an important price cycle has approached. See attached my proprietary indicator, which has been consistently giving me the markets turns. This weekend is the market time cycle turn date. I see Monday as an up day and market turn date.



carlos said...

Thanks Boss


Anonymous said...

I am really amazed by your exceptional accuracy and great generosity.

Thanks and please keep continuing it.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

GOLD is a few days from it's next top! DOWN SHE GOES!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You are a generous man indeed. But i look at the technical indicator and they suggest a bigger decline to 1760-70 is likely?

Your fan

Andrey Manchev said...

I was wrong about gold, when i said it is going down from 1265, it is obvious, because now is a little bit higher and will go higher in near future, BUT indexes will take their time for a correction to the old highs, witch is 14200 for the DOW, and then 3rd wave up will start. This correction just started and is not ended yet.

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated for your timely post. From Australia.

Agathe said...

Your indicator is TRULY A MASTERPIECE.

Markets tried to go lower, but bouncing back hard. That shows that indicator of yours has some very strong foundation and techniques associated with it.

Amazing Call


Anonymous said...

A market turn didn't happened.

Wesley Li said...

The SPX has dropped to 1772.88 and closed at 1782, which has broken the support trend line of your chart as shown on the 23 Jan post. May I have your new comment on the new trend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Syed,

Some people are calling for the formation of the right shoulder of a head and shoulders pattern then a deep sell off. What are your thoughts on this?

Many thanks

Larson said...

Come on, give the guy a break.

Market wanted to go higher yesterday, was green all day, until last half hour, when it sold off.

Today markets rallied hard in Asia, Europe and US. That is only 1+ day from Syed's forecast.

He is the BEST ALL AROUND. I have been trading for last 32 years. I have yet to see someone with such gusto to forecast ahead of time and be correct almost all the time. (almost, none is perfect, otherwise he must be god)

from Wales

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Looking for the 2/4 WINDOW for swing stock market low!

Anonymous said...

Could we have your update on SPX, APPLE, Gold & Silver?
As SPX didn't rebound on Monday, Drop more yesterday.
APPLE didn't reached even 580 and fell to 500.
Gold and Silver... not update yet.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Syed,

I agree with your forecast for the S&P... I foresee a 100 pt move in the S&P starting tomorrow... and as you mentioned.. it will be a strong move up.... thanks for your forecasts..


Anonymous said...

We are in deep trouble....

Marshall said...

Syed you are master indeed.

Andrey Manchev
Syed's followers told you to find your own place to post. You are just piece of $$$t.

If you cannot come close to Syed's ability. He has teacher and has taught many. He has shown again and again that he can "see through" the inner working of the markets.

So please buzz off.
Let those who appreciate Syed's work, (openly and silently) benefit from his generosity.

Thank You Mr. Syed please continue to share your wisdom.


Andrey Manchev said...

Marshal, i guess u havent loose enough yet.

Atuil Babu said...

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