Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stock Markets Update 01/01/2014

Commence to my gratitude to My Creator.

Once again, Happy New Year,

It might be prudent to review at the markets as new year has approached and see, what to expect in the coming next two weeks.

My proprietary indicators are showing that the market looks tired and shall pause. S&P might even come back to test the highs of previous consolidation the range of 1,805-1815. See attached picture here.

It seems some people might want to lock in the profit, before markets go higher. I think pause might last 7 days or even up-to 3rd week of January.


Roseanne said...


We will see what happens, but I am sure, you will be proven correct, once more time

Roseanne said...


We will see what happens, but I am sure, you will be proven correct, once more time

Carlos said...


I don't know, if you didn't notice. markets are already dropping.

Anonymous said...

my proprietary indicators warn of a fall to at least 1832 possibly lower on the 2nd Jan

Anonymous said...

Hello Master Trader Syed:

Wishing you a very happy & healthy new year.

In your expert opinion, could this pause/pullback change into a full fledged bear without going to higher highs? I know this sounds like a dumb question, but since I am a novice, I would not know at which price point in the S&P are we likely back in full fledged bear territory.

As always, your forecasts are second to none. Thanks tons for your fantastic generosity for all those that read this blog.

Cheers ...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

I talked of this small setback...........looking now to rebuy within the next 2 days!

Bill Simon said...

Thanks Mr. Syed

You are indeed master forecaster.
How can I learn to become a master trader like you. I wouldlike to get more information about your courses.

Anonymous, would you care to forecast more

Hobs Mojalefa said...

TRA modeling is showing the 9th as the next significant clustering date. Short term gold should top on the 8 - 9 January .

Mario said...

once again great forecast Mr Syed. NASDAQ continues to slide strong and I have short, thanks to you.

Of course, you are gifted by your Creator.
Please keep enlightening us with your blessings.


Clemens said...

Wow, today is the Jan 7.
You said "I think pause might last 7 days"

Market jumps higher today.

great call Sire!


Anonymous said...

can't agree more, amazing call, to say that price may come down to previous support at 1816, which it does to the cent..kudos to you

Andrey Manchev said...

there we have the low broken