Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stock Markets Forecast UPDATE 01-30-2014

Commence with my gratitude to The Creator.

Markets tried to create a low on Monday (the date predicted by my proprietary indicator), but failed to do so and dropped till the next day. That is turn date (+1). Price levels of that turn date (+1) is important, which sits at S&P 1,770 level. That is near one of my balance points in the S&P 1,762 area. That offers a strong support. The markets rallied on Tuesday and only to drop back on Wednesday to test the low created on Monday's turn date (+1). Therefore the lows of Tuesday are important, and must hold.

I bring up the chart of the leading index of NASDAQ Composite. My another proprietary indicator is saying that markets must go higher now. Blue Trend-line and yellow price cycle, have been consistantly offering support for each small correction in the markets, along-with the proprietary indicators shown below, see green arrows, have called in the market turns, that is happening today also.

My previous long term analysis did call for strong market crash like drop in vicinity of March. I think, this is NOT IT. I believe that market has another breath left, before they tumble. See the attached chart.


mika zman said...

That's a reasonable assessment, but too many people subscribe to this view, and therefore I doubt it will come to pass. My suspicion is that we've already seen the high. Another 50 points down on the SPX, and I think we'll have our confirmation.

Min Sung Li said...

Thanks Sir

Min Sung Li


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Stock market will decline into mid to 3rd week of FEB!

Anonymous said...

TRA modelling is showing that Gold is close to giving a solid sell signal. A good close in the red today will lead to a lower move

beetlejuice said...

" Therefore the lows of Tuesday are important, and must hold"

Futures getting clobbered! SPX set to open down close to 30 pts and take out this weeks lows.

This market is on tenterhooks and could cascade down at any moment.

Anonymous said...

So did it hold now?

Anonymous said...

you're analysis on 23/1 said that was the last day of consolidation and markets will soar, and now your indicators say that the 30th is the low from your indicators.
why post on the 23rd (with further analysis of your cycle indicators) if your indicators suggests lows on 30th. You are now out by over a week, not 1 day Mr Syed

Mehmood H Syed said...

Yes, it is true that 1,770 area is very important and it must hold otherwise, we may have bigger correction that shall lead the markets down further.

Anonymous said...

so 1770 broke now?

Anonymous said...

can we now call time on this charade?

Steve T said...

The SPX strong pattern (potential inverted head & shoulder) did not form and the 1762 level broke down after some consolidation. You flirt with gold comment early in year but really do not say anything and now one month later.

Not saying that you are obligated to say or do anything ... but since you do speak publicly with an opinion, should you not follow up with either a "yes, I was wrong" or a "just give it more time" comment/opinion? Just saying ...

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, your post from 1-23-2014 was a really bad call. S&P has lost 100 points since then.

Still, we really appreciate your guidance. Keep up the good work.


Mehmood H Syed said...

Wow, you got me... !1

That is how, market sometime kicks into the teeth, even, to reign me in.

I am travelling and do not have access to my computers and files.

But I can see that there are at least 3 more days of selling to continue, before dust settles. That means that we may look for support SPX 1,700-1,720 area.

Always have the stops in place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Price coming into time! Look to buy!

Anonymous said...

So do you expect the SPX could go back to 1800 or 2000 level as you predicted this year?

Anonymous said...

What about your call on Gold & Silver?

Anonymous said...

three more days of selling to continue huh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

The market will correct now and setup for the move up!

Anonymous said...

your 3 more days of selling is not work again...
luckily stop is in place...

Chris said...

You are dumb or sitting on dump

3 more days of selling means 3 days of selling. look how many days, selling occurred, that means, market went lower than going higher.

Anonymous said...

Chris, are you stupid..Syed's post on the 3rd said 3 more days of selling to continue. thats 3 days after the 3rd to continue selling. what happened Chris after the 3rd?
Do you know what selling means? It means markets go DOWN. Markets have not gone down Chris. No f****wit they have gone UP

Stella said...

Sir You are really a master forecaster.
In old times, you would have been believed to be magician.

QQQ is back at the highest price since 2003.
You did not back away from your bullish bias during the market down days till last Friday, even though some stupid people were mocking you.

You are prove correct once again.

Pls keep sharing your blessings. You have fans across the glob. Just one has to look at the globe on your blog.

Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

Guys, be civil, watch your mouth.

If you cannot say something nice, then be quite.

Mr Syed you are blessed man.

May God protect you from all evil


Anonymous said...

Mr. Syed is a wise man. Not a perfect man. Anyone watching here and trading is at their own risk. If you don't like a bad result, find a new hobby as you are not a professional trader or even one in training.

Lisa Ray said...

i come to your blog First time and found very impressive and will definately keep following it you really post very knowledgeable things

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

DOW down now to the 28th!

Santos said...

Syed you nailed it again.

S&P is all time high and NASDAQ is all time high since October 2000.

Wow, you are the master, you have the vision to see the future trends of the markets clearly and precisely.

I had to write this, as to encourage to keep writing and offer my thanks on the behalf of many others, who are benefiting from your site.


Nick Patterson said...

I am referring to you MR. Anonymous #1, Why don't you have balls to put your name, if you are going to forecast on somebody else WEBSITE.

Mr. Anonymous, you said market down to 02/28, and you are wrong dead on.
Market is rallying exactly as the owner of the site Mr. Syed predicted.

He is being generous, by sharing his wisdom, but also showing great courage and big heart to have you morons publish your forecasts.

I challenge you guys to put your name, where your mouths are, otherwise, buzz off.

Syed hats off to you once again.
You nailed it again. Market SPX just closed above 1,850 and it is only 150 points away from your forecasted price.

I am sure it will get there by your predicted date

thanks again Sir
God Bless you
US citizen
calling from Belgium :-))

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Nick Patterson

PLEASE don't be so ignorant! The market stopped and will now rise into the time window of 2/17! Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Nick Patterson

You need to get a grip, this isn't your blog to make demands of anyone! If you are trying to prove to everyone you are on moral high ground, send Syde $1000 for his work! Didn't think so...........

Zhang said...

Master Trader Syed

Please enlighten us with the update.

I know, you have been less motivated to do so, may be due to the lack of appreciation from some of the stupid, who commented with condescending remarks.

Believe me, you are always topic of the forums and meetings, whenever you generously shared your wisdom.

cunlin zhang
Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

Hi Syed,

Any updates?


nidhi jain said...

your post is helpful I am always searching for informative information like this.

Intraday Stock Tips said...

Its been so long that you have posted current. Can you post any current update about stock market?